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    Christian supported this idea  · 
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    under review  ·  fan.ding responded

    We are looking into bringing back the quick controls to lighting and cooling on the dashboard. It’ll replace the HDD section. What do you guys think?

    Christian commented  · 

    I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in here as an H400i owner.

    I actually like the idea of my system knowing when to ramp the fans up or down. I couldn't get it to work sadly due to an issue with the server during calibration (i have a ticket in for it and theres a bug reported here).

    But that aside, I like the overlay. It's the best looking one I've ever seen.

    I like that I can still use precision for my video card overclocks. So far cam plays nice with EVGA.

    RGB control is fine for me with the 2 strips I have now. I really like that feature.

    I know some people in here are having a different experience, and I'm not thrilled about having to do another calibration once the server issue is fixed (ramping my cpu up with its fan shut off is super scary stuff yo).

    But that's my feedback. I feel like you're on the right track.

    Oh and unlike a lot of people. I think the UI is attractive and I quite like the hard disk section.

    But overall, this isn't a release product in its current state. You guys should have hired a few contractors to whip out enough code to make it a bit more functional before release. I get having product deadlines and having the cases in the retail stream and needing to *get* *SOMETHING* *out* *now* because of it. I get it. But a few contractors would maybe have helped you guys debug this stuff and even QA it if you brought them on site. Might have helped alleviate a lot of these comment headaches yeah?

    Anyway, good luck, cant wait to see my H400i working the way its supposed to. In the meantime, I threw my old siverstone fan controller back in the case and plugged my cpu back into the cpu fan header for now.

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