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How to Fix Gmail Password Related Problems

There are three kind of commoan and most questionable things how to recover gmail password, and how to reset gmail password and how to change gmail password for these three we will give some solution in brief please check here either for more information you can contact at mention given helpline at the end of this solution.

How to Recover Gmail Password:

Follow These Steps To Recover Your Gmail Password:
For Gmail account recovery, visit Account Recovery page and click I don’t know my password.
Enter your email ID
Click continue
You can retrieve your password through a Phone Number linked to your account. You will get a code via SMS, you have to enter that to recover your account.
If no phone Number is linked to your account, you will then need to verify your identification by answering a set of security questions.
Sometimes Gmail deletes accounts from the server which are abandoned from about a month, so password recovery is impossible in that case.

How to Reset Gmail Password:

To change your password: Restart the system and start the windows in normal mode.
Browse through the chrome and go to the official website.
Then sign in to “My Account”.
After that go to the “settings” gear and select “sign-in and security” to change your code if you have access to your account.
Then select “signing in to Google” and a prompt will appear requesting you to sign-in again.
now you have to choose “Password” and enter your old confidential key and then new password in the asked section correctly to change your password and at last click on “change password”.
To Reset your Gmail Password, go to the “sign-in” page, enter your email address and then click on the link “Forgot your password”.
Now if you have given a recovery mail or Phone number an OTP will be sent to your account and use the OTP you can reset the password easily.
If you haven’t entered any recovery mail or phone number then you will ask some security questions and if you answer them correctly you will allow to Reset the Gmail Password for your account.

How to Change Gmail Password:

if you want to change your password on your Google account or your Gmail, you can take the following steps to do it fast and easy:

Open Settings app on your phone. Scroll down and find “Accounts“.
You will see a list of options. Choose “Google” from the list.
On the next step, you will see your Gmail address. You will need to tap on “Manage Your Google Account“.
Now you will need to choose “Sign in & Security” to enter the security settings of your account.
Choose “Password” on the next step.
On the next step, you will be asked to enter your old password. If you have forgotten your password, enter a wrong password once and then click on “Forgot password” to receive a new password via your inbox. In order to receive the new password, you will need to use one of the security options that you have chosen before. It can be a security question, your phone number, or an alternative email address. However, if you have forgotten your password and you have not defined a security option for your account, there is no way to change Gmail password and all you can do is to create a new Gmail account and say goodbye yo your old account.
After you have entered your old password in the field, you will be asked to enter your new password. Remember to choose a password of at least 8 characters which contains letters, numbers and symbols in order to maintain the security of your Gmail account.
On the final step, enter your new password one more time to successfully change Gmail password.


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