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Overall profiles

Just got my GRID+ and was very disappointed to find no overall profile system in the CAM software.

What I really want is to configure several overall profiles and then, within each, configure what each fan should do. That way I can have a quiet profile with some fans on a quiet curve and others off completely, a full power profile with every fan on full and then a profile somewhere in the middle. I could then use the system tray app to quick flick between profiles in one go and all fans would change to their settings for that profile.

As it is I have to mess around with each fan individually which is cumbersome.

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  • Andrew H commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got the Grid+ V2 unit not too long ago. I notice inconsistencies with the different fan curve possibilities that are given to you.

    Whatever you set as a per-fan basis in the Grid+ area in the bottom of the software, is what gets applied. When you hit the little gear icon next to the fan selector pulldown, it brings you into a more advanced window as expected. HOWEVER. Anything done in this advanced window, does not save the changes. For example.

    I go to make a new "Custom Profile" for the 3 radiator fans. I want them nearly quiet until the CPU temps reach a certain point, then start ramping up. So I make a new profile 'Rad' with the settings shown in the screenshot in the following link.


    Notice, that the "Save Changes" is greyed out. I have not pressed this. The 3 fans I wish to have this profile on, are selected. So if I go back to view, you can see its not applied.


    And if I go into the dashboard, the profile I supposedly created, is not there.


    This really isn't too much of a problem for me, as the included profiles are decent, but my radiator fans are the loudest fans in my case, and I'd like the 'silent' style curve to be a bit tighter as I don't want my CPU exceeding 65C.

    Thank you for providing such in-depth and non-obtrusive software for hardware monitoring however, didn't even know this existed until I got the Grid+ unit, and certainly replaces any software I used in the past.

  • Alexander commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In the Moment, it's just possible to set the fan speed for each fan alone.
    In my opinion, it should be possible to make a profile for Idle-Mode or Game1, 2, 3 etc and save fixed fan speeds for each fan in this Profile.

    Because now, when you have fixed fan speeds for each game to minimize the sound of the fans, you have to change each fan manualy before you start the game. When you can make global profiles, you can just load the profile and go playing.

    When you could bind the profiles to the game.exe, that would be very nice too :D

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