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- It was asked MULTIPLE time and still not there, A TRUE OFFLINE MODE
- Audio mode is lagging on the Hue+ since, 1 year now, and it's not resolved even if you say "We're working on it", sorry no you're not.
- The button "Check for updates" didn't work at all
- Do something for saving our settings because saving manually a file, no comment. Why not adding an option for saving and recover all the settings in one click ? Because at each update, all is gone...
- Translation in French is horrible, just like the older interface, it's the same... No capital letters (https://i.imgur.com/qgmH6Hi.png), the text isn't correctly aligned (https://i.imgur.com/RoHCrX6.png), "Retour A La Vue" should be written "Précédent" (Back in english and not "Back To The View" + not all the text is translatted (see Sync and Bass in this screen https://i.imgur.com/WQrl6Rq.png)
- Even if the drivers are already installed, you can install it again... https://i.imgur.com/zCnhgTA.png (Yes I've changed the language back to English ;) )
- And please, make it MORE STABLE !

PS : Sorry for my English

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Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We will be taking the time to go through all the points you made and to make the adjustment necessary to have a better product for our customers. Thank you for the continue support.


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    CAM is not perfect by any means, but it does get the job done once you figure out its quirks. With that said, I did run into the aforementioned driver issue. I had just finished a completely fresh install (not re-install) and a system reboot. Upon launching CAM, it DID NOT allow me to log into my account by any means (it would just spin and think indefinitely) and I found that pretty much every feature, aside from the gauges and general readouts, would also not work in 'guest mode'.

    To fix this, I did not change any configurations or re-install -- once I rebooted my system for a second time, CAM ran as intended.

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