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    I understand your frustration, and am very sorry that you are experiencing this. Please send me a screenshot of what you mention, and the logs. If possible, upload them to a file sharing software and paste the link in a comment here. We are working out every issue that is reported as fast as we can.
    3.6.4 addressed the following issues:
    -GPU overclocking settings will now save correctly
    -Fixed CAM not auto-starting minimized
    -Fixed Hue+ audio mode with a single channel
    -Fixed toggle buttons for lighting channels
    -Reduced CPU usage when using audio mode
    -Gridplus settings will now save correctly

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Nevermind my issue seem to be fixed now, but my preferences (Led color/Fan curve) aren't saving and i have to set them again after each reboot.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Btw i'm not trying to be harsh or anything like that, i just want you guys to fix things and make this software work fine once and for all, that's it. Actually i can control the pump, the fan of my kraken and 4 other fans but not the rear fan which is the only one i can't control. I can see the fan in the software but unlike the others this one is grayed out and won't let me edit its curve. I put all my fans on "performance" mod but the rear fan is stuck on "silent" mod. I'll wait for another update and i hope it'll come soon cause it's really bugging me out. Thank you.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I have to agree with him, it's beginning to be unbearable, EVERY time i get an update i know for sure that it'll come with tons of bugs and it's indeed always the case. Now since the last update i can't even control my freaking fans. Making mistakes is OK but doing so every time you gives us an update it's just ridiculous, either you do it on purpose or you don't even know what ur doing. I didn't paid costly hardware to not being able to use it properly because of a crappy software that you can't even fix and maintain properly.

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