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    under review  ·  fan.ding responded

    We are looking into bringing back the quick controls to lighting and cooling on the dashboard. It’ll replace the HDD section. What do you guys think?

    Govert commented  · 

    I agree, the new design is confusing and unclear and i don't like the fact that you're stuck with the blue-ish color now instead of the banner. Also, some options have been removed. For instance, i can no longer find the option to select whether my Kraken reacts to the temperature of the liquid or the temperature of the CPU or GPU. Furthermore, changing cooling profiles is a lot more tedious now, and counter-intuitive. Additionaly, te option to see the top RAM demanding apps/programs is nowhere to be found as well.
    However, i do like the fact that the clock speeds are visible now on the main page, together with a more logical location of the fan speeds.
    I wish i hadn't updated...

    Govert supported this idea  · 

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