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    harry.nong responded

    Hey there everyone, we just released a new patch today that will address the issues you guys may have.

    We will also be hosting a live AMA at 12:00PM PT on our subreddit.

    Please drop by and ask us anything you like!

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    No one signed any agreement. There are users that DO NOT sign in because of NZXT's blatant stupidity. Again, read what you had posted: "4. COLLECTION AND STORAGE OF DATA. If you are logged in to your NZXT account while using the Software" is explicitly for those who log in and provide NZXT their email address to store their data. Furthermore, just by placing a clause at the end of the license agreement for user's utilizing "Guest" mode doesn't entitle NZXT to squat. This information wasn't presented to the customer prior to purchasing their hardware. If it were many of us would have decided to not use NZXT hardware and looked elsewhere for actually better hardware and software. I can name several vendor's who do not involve themselves in this crap... and those businesses have been in the water-cooling industry far longer than NZXT. In any case NZXT is a preemie baby to the industry.

    Many user's here are requesting NZXT to provide an OFFLINE mode. NZXT reserves zero right to collect data against our will, especially when we do not log in, for a tool that is required to operate hardware.

    Also this data "collection" also hinders those on data cap plans, which CAM takes the vast majority of their bandwidth. Do you know how to read a wireshark log? I doubt it... since you'd discover that CAM utilizes nearly GB of data and bandwidth a month, not to mention it contacts multiple servers every 1second or less. How about NZXT start paying us for the data and bandwidth they are stealing!

    If NZXT does not fix this and provide us users an OFFLINE mode, then one of us will start a class action.

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