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Bunch of ideas to become a single monitoring solution on the PC

Great, cute, clean UI. Thank you, amazing work.

1) Is there an API to this system? I want to add system status as passive check result to external monitoring tool like nagios/shinken/icinga/zenoss/zabbix/sensu/riemann/...whatever.

2) Add external plugins support, or provide sdk/api to add custom checks. It will be nice to add something like yet-another-nagios-style-plugin + widget for graphic which appears at the dashboard.

For example, I want to see network connection status on the screen: package loss and ping value. Those are crucial metrics for anyone.

In the end I want to uninstall rainmeter, speedfan, cpuZ, NRPE and use CAM to gather and display metrics, which can optionally be sent to external monitoring solution.

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Thanks for the great suggestions. Here are some answers:
1) We don’t have a public API yet but this is something we are strongly considering creating one.
2) This is also a feature we are considering and may add in the future.
Sorry the answers cannot be more definitive at this point but know that these ideas are being considered internally and that we appreciate the feedback.


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  • adrian flodell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    They will never release a fully offline mode. And they wont ever tell us why. Just install speedfan its so much better.

  • DankestWorm commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The ability to lower GPU fan rpm to under 40% in "Custom" curve.
    The ability to set a custom fan curve for system fans and/or CPU fans.
    CPU overclocking options.
    The ability to expand the advanced dashboard for a third pane to monitor multiple GPU's and the CPU simultaneously.
    Some kind of integrated stress test or benchmarking tool would be helpful.
    ... Other than that I love the software so far. I know its still being optimized and what not so I roll with the punches. I like being able to monitor everything from one program instead of 4 and CAM seems to be the closest thing to that so far so. Good job. Keep it up. Hope my suggestions help.

  • Hotcakes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Considering buying a NZXT X41 for the LED alone but ultimately I need control over it - an API I can use to sync LED colours to something like music output would be super sweet. I really hope you guys make this happen.

  • Laysson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    - Full Offline mode (Log / View historical PC data while offline)
    - Option to delete / disable / not install CAMFPS COMPLETELY
    - Manual control for the pump rotation
    - Advanced panel : ability to rename the temperatures / fans on the MB page (exp : Fan1 > Front, Fan2 > Top....etc)
    - Advanced panel : ability to control the other fans connected to the motherboard
    - Kraken panel : ability to switch between % and RPM on the control graph
    - Advanced panel : ability to disable some monitoring options to reduce the resources usage (Net, HDD, Ram ...etc)

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