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How can I recover my Gmail account ?

If you are a mailing service user then it is quite obvious that you own a google account since google provides the best emailing service to its users and that too totally free of cost.It just takes few minutes to sign up for a new google account and within those minutes, you become the owner of a account that could be used in the multiple ways.

Now you will have the credentials that are required to sign in for the account but sometimes the situation occurs where you forget your gmail account username or the password and hence you have no clue about your google account.In that situation you have to recover the account anyway.

There are a number of ways to deal with the question of How can I recover my Gmail account?

The simple solution among the many option is explained below:-

Here you can directly go to the google account recovery page that you can easily find by browsing in your browser.

After that you will be asked to enter the email address, so simply enter the email address in case you remember it and you have forgotten the password.

Now once you do so then you have to click on the continue button.

Followed by tapping on the I do not know button when asked about the lat password you remember.

After that you have to simply undergo the verification method.

Now this will comprise of getting a verification code on to the alternate email ID or the password that you have entered while setting up this account.

So simply enter that email address, you will get the code.

As you enter that code in the required field, you will be move forward to a fresh page to create a completely new password for yourself.

You can also choose to get that code on the alternate phone number, the process is quite same for this also.

So these are the easy troubleshooting steps that you can follow in order to recover your google account but just in case you want to follow some other process of recovering the account then you can simply give a call on the Gmail account recovery phone number to know the set of instructions that are needed to use that method.You can simply follow those steps to get back your account.





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