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CAM 3.6.6 auto start not working!!

CAM 3.6.6 auto start does not working!!
(and interface color change too bugged)
All 3.6.xx + version have lot of different bug!!

I will stay 3.5.90 it works normally!!!!!!!!!44444!!!!!!!!

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  • [Deleted User] commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I stayed with 3.5.20 version and not going to update never!! It works it doesn't lags it doesn't crush for my build...i7 6700k,corsair vengeance 16 gig ram 2133 mhz,maximus hero 8 mother board,gigabyte 1080 gpu,1 TB samsung ssd..

  • rico williams commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have the same issues and fan keep disappearing from the Manu only just got this and seem that it, trash as none off this working if you can't see the app, I have close in task and re open just to get inside and it forgot every think I did profile the lot all gone,

    think a getting a refund that this point

  • Alen Agic commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    H700i + x62 Kraken
    2700x Ryzen no OC
    Asux x470-F 4011 Bios

    Same here,back in May with CAM 3.5.8 i had ramdom Power-Kernel Error when Win10 Boot and CAM auto-start. After updating to 3.5.9 my CAM was working great no more Power-Kernel errors, temps are correct, and I could change my profiles, lightings, etc... Now few days ago, i saw that 3.5.9 is not supported anymore, so i download latest 3.6.6 version and this is the WORST version for x2700, auto start not working every time, temps problem (if i run CAM at i.e. 32c, CAM always showing between 32-35c even if i rendering something, in ryzen master temps are 68-70c but in CAM they stuck at 32c, now CAM cant to detect my Smart Device in H700i so I am unabled to change lighting for strips, now I need to have everything fixed for pump and fans speed, iOS app also not working anymore, always showing to sing in in app on PC and i'm already logged. SOOO MUCH PROBLEMS!!!!! I'm thinking to return my x62 Kraken and H700i and I will ask for money back because i can not use anything that i pay for !! All of this because you cant make app that will WORK!

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