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Kill CAM as it is and start again, seriously.

Please admins, take a deep breath, step back and think before deleting this.
CAM is horrible, regardless of whether the devs like it or not let the customer be the judge.
Google your product and read what people have to say on public forums etc, hell even here!
It's a bloated piece of software essential to the configuration of system cooling (which it does poorly with missing essential features!) and includes and incredible amount of bloat and useless features that people are not using.
People are asking for minimal, asking for fast loading, asking for CPU & GPU temp to spin fans up, and you you guys continue to blot the app out with requested feature and fiddle with the aesthetic continually.

How about starting with something basic and functional?

Is this random list of 'completed ideas listening to the people?

Hire new developers PLEASE [Completed]
Please can you rebuild CAM software from scratch [Completed]
fix your horrid software [Completed]
If they don't fix their software, I will be returning this product and boycott them. [Completed]
Email notification on idle GPU [Completed]
Gigabyte X370 gaming 5 borad voltage of the motherboard wrong. need a fix. [Completed]
Have software better connected to online acct [Completed]

These ideas aren't completed, they are ignored and marked as completed.
I challenge anyone to look for themselves.
How many genuine requests like....



Been completed?

The second example an admin says it's a good idea, don't be surprised to see it soon... and 2 years pass.

The continuing inaction is unacceptable.
I'd say a good majority of the people who use cam would gladly use an alternative, if not more.

Don't dare mark this complete unless you actually complete it.
Time to swallow some pride, accept that you've gone off track and start again guys.

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      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


        In a first time, I have read a lot of good thinks of Grid+ V2 on Internet.

        In the second time, before bought my Grid+ V2, I asked to NZXT, by chat online, if the product can control CPU & GPU temp to spin fans up in my watercooling PC, and the answer was yes.

        After have installed product,

        1 : Watercooling pump (MCP35X) is not able to be controlled by Grid.

        2 : Temperature GPU fan control concerne only one card on my SLI

        3: After CAM software install, GRID is detected and configured. But, after some time of utilisation, i have a usb unknown in my device manager and no more grid in CAM

        Losed my investissement.

        Sorry for my English, but in the same time you are lucky. With my mother tongue, commentary would been a little more spicy.
        After have installed product,

        1 : Watercooling pump (MCP35X) is not able to be controlled by Grid.

        2 : Temp GPU survey concerne only one card on my SLI

        3: GRID

      • John commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This has previously been requested by many customers and rejected by NZXT :( so don't waste you time asking :(

        For me, I wasted a lot of money on NZXT products, I see many others fell into the same trap.

        Email from NZXT:


        An idea you supported has been closed. Thank you for your feedback.

        Give feedback on other ideas to help us decide what to build next.


        make a minimal version

        (No Status) → Completed

        Our goal for CAM is to unify a lot of the PC monitoring/tuning functions into one app. We realize that this is a very aggressive goal but it is something we believe in very much. It is true that up to this point we have not done a good job in certain areas, but we believe that with time and effort we can fix the bugs and optimize this app.


      • Bob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This is 120% truth right here! I can honestly say that if I had seen this forum before buying the Kraken X62 I would have ran the other way and bought something different. Now that I have this product I will have to figure out how to deal with the unusable software or pawn it off on some pour soul via ebay. This is absolutely a valid reason NOT to buy any NZXT products in the future.

      • Jake Arkinstall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Yup. Start again. With cross-platform in mind this time, and seriously reconsider your PR tactics. The shameless use of "completed" as a metaphor for "nope" is bringing your reputation down to rock bottom. I love NZXT cooling, it's great, but the software to actually have any control over it is nearly unusable on Windows (why change software to *reduce* UX? Seriously?) and completely absent in Linux (but sure, I LOVE having one of the only available coolers for my threadripper 1950x running far too loud when on my work OS).

      • Marek commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        100% agree. I am here just to say that this software is unusable and the only reason why not to buy NZXT cooling next time.

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