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Show all the CPU cores in multiple CPU systems - also RAM temperatures.

I am sure not many people have this issue, but I am running CAM on essentially a server motherboard that has dual CPU's. When I look at my temperature information in something like HWInfo, I can see both CPU's as well as temperatures for each core of each CPU. This winds up being 16 cores on my machine (8 cores per cpu). When I view the temperature data using CAM, it only gives me 8 cores. I unplugged the coolant pump on CPU2 and ran a stress test. I can confirm that the temperatures being shown in CAM are only for CPU1.

Also, HWInfo can give me the temperatures of each stick of RAM. It would be nice to see this implemented into CAM as well. Not a necessity, I just find it neat.

Since I am using a server motherboard, I do not have fan headers on the motherboard. So that is why CAM and NZXT Grid+ V2 was appealing to me. I could use it to control my fans. My only worry is that BIOS takes quite awhile before I get into windows. I am curious how Grid+ V2 will work while the board goes through all of its BIOS checks.

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  • ROtt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a dual Xeon setup and would like at least both sockets covered if not all cores.

  • erhan ertem commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Definitely we need CAM to report two cpus just like the GPUs. Even though 2 cpu boards exist currently on server world, sooner people will be seeing intel i10s on dual consumer gaming boards provoked initially by AMD route. Because AMD is planning to introduce two CPUs on gaming boards very soon. Why be late on that! Embrace it before its too late! It is also not shame to adopt task manager style core activity report graph which is viable solution for 88 hype t core users like me - some people like to see the core activities while rendering on all slave servers because windows sidebar system II is way off the league and limited only to 40 cores for both cpus in total.

  • Jeremy Wendelken commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1. Control fan speed based on VRM temperature as opposed to CPU/GPU core
    Why: VRM temperature has a stable ramp up/down compared to core
    VRM is also a better indicator of overall system load as it will
    increase under CPU heavy, or GPU heavy load (mainly because I have SLI and
    the whole system gets hot!)

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