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How To Fix OK Google is not working

If your are facing issue with Google Now, I have found a perfect solution for that. I`ve seen many users reporting that when ever they say Ok Google there is no response from Google Now. In the end they have to open the app in order to use Google Now. In the following method I’ll tell you how to fix Ok Google is not working.

How To Fix OK Google is not working:

Watch your language:
First thing you must do is check Google Now lunguage settings, head over to Go to Voice > Search Language Settings > Offline Speech Recognition >English (US) > Update Available.

Check the microphone:
Well this may be the reason which is causing Ok Google Command not work properly. When ever you say OK Google to activate Google Now it uses your microphone to get the command. The best solution is that you should goto service center and get your devcice checked by officials.

Disable S Voice:
i have no such idea why S Voice is not compatible with Google Now, I have seen many users saying that after disabling the S voice, Google Now is working perfectly now.

Soft Reset:
Reseting your device is oldest trick in books and it works most of the time. So its worth trying, Long press the power button to turn off your device and remove your battery, wait for few seconds. Now put your battery back and turn on your device. Hope so this will work.

Reset Ok Google Settings:

This might help, goto Google Settings App->Search & Now option>Voice>OK Google detection>Retrain Voice Model>”OK Google” three times.


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