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CAM 3.7.2 auto start not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAM 3.7.2 auto start does not working!! AGAIN!!! And Again!

All 3.6.xx + version have lot of different bug!!

Really what is the difficulty of writing and update a simple AIO program ?!

JUST FAN + PUMP + LED CONTROL ,That would be yours!!

WE DO NOT WANT such STUPID THINGS .. for example cpu-gpu overclocking , fps overlay etc etc ..

They have special programs for us that work normally!
(Cam is a piece of shit!)

The internet AIO forums are full of : people not buying NZXT product ,Because the CAM software needs to be added! WAKE UP GUYS!

If you continue to do so, you will lose more users / buyers!

This was the last work well version BUT NO LONGER SUPPORTED...

I send an email to the NZXT management because the cam software is unworthy of their products.!!!!!!

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