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Make CAM great (again?) V2

For the people who asks "V2 ??" : https://support.camwebapp.com/forums/252256-cam-bugs/suggestions/32227912-make-cam-great-again


I'm back 9 months later with the latest version of CAM (I don't update really often because, well, it was working great) BUT there is a few things that aren't as good as it should.

First, I can give you a point for the French translations, they are wayyyyy better than before, but you're still stupid when it comes to translate "Load" (on the home screen) to "Chargement" which means literally "Loading" (WTF ?), your CPU, GPU, RAM, aren't f*cking games ! I can help you for that, "Charge" would be better (even deepl translated correctly at the first try... If you need to use a translator, use it, and check translations before publishing it, especially for a company as big as yours, it will be more plausible). Go check to the Overclocking tab too there is things to check.

Also in French, clock speed and fan speed don't fit really well, please fix that : https://i.imgur.com/ZSEJmAm.png and some text aren't translated at all (Game tab when not connected, Cooling tab and Hue tab when nothing is checked) !

Now let's talk about the UI, why have you put checkboxes everywhere ? Okay when you want to change few settings at once it's great but especially for the LED tab, why have you compacted EVERYTHING on the right side ?! You can't even access these settings when in "fullscreen mode" (but you can't before either !)... Furthermore, where is the "Sync mode" switch ? (This one : https://i.imgur.com/SLqJBlE.png), this switch was perfect to change all of the LEDs to the music mode for example, now it's horrible and takes much time than before when it comes to de-sync all of your stuff... Before it was just the time of a click.

An other thing that could be great, a button to save and restore all of your settings because to restore everything at each update you need to do it manually (was the screenshot logo created for this, so you can remember what you have done ?). It could also be used when it comes to switch your configuration to an other computer or when windows crashes so you can restore it faster.

Oh and also, but I think it would never come, since you don't care at all of that, but A TRUE OFFLINE MODE would be appreciated, especially when in 12 hours, CAM sends approx. 6 MB of data, in ""offline mode"" obviously. And it doesn't explain why you need to connect to use the FPS counter (#BLD ?)... That's ridiculous... (PS : CAM is blocked in my firewall settings)

To conclude now, you have great hardware (Kraken and HUE+ for me) but you have a shitty software (sorry there is no other word that can be used here since it's true, even if it's becoming better(?) each time) that need to be restarted from scratch, from a stable base ! It would be great if you take in consideration all of the feedback made by the users. Then, you would probably have a much better software, made by the community for the community (without exagerating).
Yes it costs money, maybe a lot, but if you don't have the great software, even if you have the great hardware, do you think that people will buy it ? Probably yes, but for peoples who give the same amount of attention for the hardware and the software part : no. As for me, even with this mess with the software part I'm satisfied with the hardware part (it have a good look and have great performance), I wouldn't probably buy new stuff from you until the software evolved.

Finally, if your software was at least great and not regressing at each update, I wouldn't be here, losing 1 hour of my time to write this and test what's new / what changed.

Hope you will do something for everything.

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    And for those who are wondering, the audio mode is still lagging despite updates....

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