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Software Agreement Screen. I CANNOT SELECT either Agree or Decline

CAM software worked fine for the past couple of months. Then these past few days there were 3 (?) updates that downloaded. Well now, CAM software is next to unusable.

The Software Agreement Screen shows up, which is fine. But I CANNOT select Agree or Decline since the buttons DO NOT WORK. If I madly click on "decline", the screen finally goes away and I go into "guest mode."

Yes, I tried madly click on "agree" but nothing happens. Unlike lots of users, I want to be logged in...

Also I have 2 monitors. I put CAM software on the second monitor. It use to stay on that second monitor after restarted my computer. But now it ALWAYS starts up in the middle of the main monitor. I do not want it there, I want it on my 2nd screen. It USE TO work fine before all these updates in the past few days.

Why did you guys break stuff?

I guess I will manually launch the CAM software when I want lights (while in Guest Mode) and kill the app afterwards until this gets fixed.


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Fred Goya shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
started  ·  AdminMax Nzxt (Admin, CAM ) responded  · 

Hello Fred, there is a slight delay in the buttons which we are working to fix. Have you tried clicking once and waiting for a couple of seconds? Please let me know.


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