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3.6.2 didn't not fix my lighting!

this was my previous post, you said you will fix it! Yet lights still don't go on, I have disconnected and reconnected all lighting! Untill CAM starts all lights are on, once CAM loads they go off! I have reinstalled program it self still doesn't help! Please FIX!

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If you have updated to 3.6.2 and are still having issues with settings not saving or hardware not being detected, please try uninstalling and doing a clean install. If this still does not help. Please send us your PC specifications, including OS, Hardware and the Logs which you can find in the following places:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NZXT\CAM\Logs

By uploading them to a file sharing service and posting it here so we can verify any logged issues, or try to reproduce the errors.

Thank you.

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    Well this was the opposite for me, thanks to this update now my kraken x52 works how it's supposed to work! (I think at least) Since before the fans were always between 800 and 1000 rpm even at 60 degrees the cpu ... and now they change depending on the cpu temp which is good :D !!
    Also all the music-sync works too, I am gonna buy Hue+ and some Aer RGB to see if I can make my case even cooler

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