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Do you guys test CAM before update release?

Well how do I put this, updated cam and

A. It looks like crap

B. It doesn't save my fan profiles on restart.

C. Custom fan profiles for grid v3 don't work. They all seem to be set at silent profile, even though they all have custom ones set.

D. GPU temps aren't correct, I put GPU under load and Cam says its at 30c but really its at 65c, which is really bad as cam controls the fans on my GPU radiator and the fans speed was a 20%. Before update, Cam would speed up the fans as set by my custom profile to 50-60% fan speed which would mean GPU temp of 45-55c after 1+ hours not 65c after 2 mins.

But this isn't all bad as I had a older version of cam I install less than 1 month ago in my recycle bin, at least you guys have a button that stops auto updates, you guys got one thing right at least.....

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started  ·  AdminMax Nzxt (Admin, CAM ) responded  · 

Hello, those who had issues with the settings not saving and not being able to log in, please update to 3.6.3, it has proven to work for many who have already tried it. We are aware that some others are having issues with a strange noise in the pump, we are working on that and will have it solved by next release.


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  • KenKenco commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wish I'd never updated the applications as well.

    All my custome profiles are gone. ALL OF THEM. And now, trying to reconfigure my own custom profile, it's far more limiting on the graph than it used to be. It's not clear at all. And I have the same problem, nothing saves or has saved. Quite a kick in the teeth.

    Why do you guys always somehow make this application worse, it does beg the question as to how quality control works within development. I paid a lot of money for the cooler, and it's next to useless if the software is so poor. Honestly right now I wish I'd stayed with Corsair.

  • ::neopill:: commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just updated to the latest software. I noticed that the cpu temp is spiking too much as opposed to previous CAM SW.. I won't dare use this to run my GPU I'l stick with EVGA Software to take care of my EVGA KINGPIN 1080 Ti cuz I def don't want CAM to mess with it.

    Also what gives about the color choices? In the previous CAM allowed me to turn on or off the "TXZN" Yes it's updside down! cuz I had to turn it around so all my RAMS could fit in the ram slot.. I liked it when I was able to control what I want showing not TXZN telling me I have to show that or nothing.. control freak they are..

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Before and after today's hotfix , nothing is different , all settings are not saved after reboot , everything reset to silent , GPU fan curve doesn't work properly , you cant set a speed for temps above 55 , can you please link to an older version so I can go back to a semi functioning one ??? !!

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