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Installed v3.6.0 - Not happy.

Installed v3.6.0 upgrading from v3.5.9 - Not happy. How is it, that you can push an update that "fixes" things and in general is supposed to improve the software but instead completely fucks over one of the most important parts of the software..... the custom fan profiles. These are now broken, the customization slider dots are out of bounds beyond 55c. They are stuck at 100% fans at temps beyond 55c and I absolutely am furious, because I don't need my fucking PC sounding like a jet engine when my CPU temps are only at 60-65c when gaming. I'm uninstalling and rolling back because this shit is retarded.

Unless...... your development team decided that temps beyond 55c should run the fans at max because that's why I can't change it, because they purposely removed the ability. At which point I would have to say they need to be fired. In fact, whoever has been in charge of the development of this software this whole time should be fired and replaced with people more competent. You make a great cooler NZXT, but if you are going to force software upon people in order to use it, then the software should be of the same quality.

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Hello, those who had issues with the settings not saving and not being able to log in, please update to 3.6.3, it has proven to work for many who have already tried it. We are aware that some others are having issues with a strange noise in the pump, we are working on that and will have it solved by next release.


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  • NZXT user commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Fuck this new version too. The jumping temperature reading for this update (happened in THIS UPDATE) gonna break my NXZT fans!!! (that stupid 55C cap, make my fan goes 100% 30% 100% 30%

    You guys are responsible to any loss now. Can't believe there is no way to download the old version software! (F that)

    Back to the topic...
    Does anyone knows if there is any alternative software that I can use for NXZT liquid cooler other than this crappy CAM ?

  • Levente Vizi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've noticed the same problem of not being able to control fan curves above 55 C. Please give us the ability to control fan curves back.

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