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just updated to 3.6 all lights went off on my fans!

As I updated to 3.6 lighting in fans just went off! When pc starts lights on fans are on! Once Cam loads they go off!!! WTF???

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If you have updated to 3.6.2 and are still having issues with settings not saving or hardware not being detected, please try uninstalling and doing a clean install. If this still does not help. Please send us your PC specifications, including OS, Hardware and the Logs which you can find in the following places:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NZXT\CAM\Logs

By uploading them to a file sharing service and posting it here so we can verify any logged issues, or try to reproduce the errors.

Thank you.

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    Never again will purchase any of your products! Spending over 500$ for shit that dont work!!!

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