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No device detected

You're shity soft don't detect my x62, the detection was blocked at 70%,
and he's crashing when i launch a stress test with occt or aida or anything put my temps 60+

Using kraken X62
Gigabyte z77 ds3p last bios
Windows 10 64b

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started  ·  AdminMax Nzxt (Admin, CAM ) responded  · 

Good morning, thank you for contacting CAM support and sorry for the inconvenience you are currently experiencing.

Could you try changing the USB cable and see if that helps?

In the case it does not fix the problem, please send us the Logs which you can find in the following places so we can verify any logged issues:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NZXT\CAM\Logs

Thank you for your cooperation and time.


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