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Just got a brand new Kraken X52. Its gorgeous.
But the CAM Software for fan control is useless..
Although my fans are spinning at a low speed, I dont seem to be able to control their speed and CAM shows 0 rpm.
Already put cpu fan at 100% on Bios. Changed nothing.
I got an Asus Maximus VIII Hero to control my other fans.
Fan Expert does not recognize a CPU fan. I guess that is normal. Is it possible that some incompatibility with Asus Software prevents CAM from controling the fans?
As far as I could see, several users have this problem.

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CAM reads the CPU_Fan header on most motherboard. Please verify that you have the CPU Fan connected to the CPU_Fan header on your motherboard. If you have a AIO_Pump, W_Pump on your motherboard you can try those header as well.

If you are using a Kraken, please be sure to have at least one of the radiator fans connected to the 4 pin header on the Kraken fan port. The Kraken pump cable should be connected to the CPU_Fan header on your motherboard as well.


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  • ChegaLhaVara commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Still the fan speed doesnt adjust to temperature. Just stays fixed on the lowest value on the fan curve. Just used aida64 to check and the temps went to 89C on 10secs because the pump and fans dont speed up.
    Another problem is that if one turns the fps overlay on you cant shut it off..
    Please fix this software!

  • ChegaLhaVara commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ok.. just solved the rpm issue..
    But it doesnt adjust the speed because it shows my cpu is at 0°C..
    Installed hardware monitor. Now it shows temperature, although very different from hardware monitor. But even so it doesnt adjust fan speed.
    For god sakes, why does a software that is on version 3.something have so many bugs?

  • PhatTONY commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After update the fan speeds are not being detected by CAM. I was running 3.5.20, thats what the about CAM said. After that i uninstalled and installed 3.5.24 , and its still not being detected

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